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CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Precision Grinding, welding


Carbon Steel

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we can work on both CNC machining and plastic molding, all quotes can be sent within 24hours upon your samples or drawings.

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My company is a top supplier for CNC machining&plastic molding, and we can manufacture all your parts from drawings or samples or even we can work out from your ideas with my strong engineering capability!

With over 10 years of exporting experience, our service covers a lot of industries including machinery, automation, automotive, electronics, medical, etc.

In recent years, more and more customers would choose different surface finishes after machining, depending on the performance they want to achieve, like the part’s appearance, surface smoothness, corrosion resistance,etc.

check here to find out what kind of surface finish we can provide here. like Painting/ Passivation/ Polishing/ Electroplating/ Plating/ Powder coating/ Anodizing, etc.

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