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ISO9001:2015 IATF16949:2016

100% Quality Gurantee

Free replacement if quality fail

  • Our operating philosophy is “Long term program,Quality first“. Since our start-up in 2006, we have exported to over 30 countries and served over 5000 customers across 100 industries. The reason why we still enjoy the great partnership with those old customers over 10 years is that we always exceed their expectations with quite stable quality and on-time delivery, you can say “Germany Quality with China Pricing“.
  • “Quality wins market, quality casts brilliant”. So what are the main points to assure good quality control?

How Shanghai Jinxi guarantee First-class Quality?

Firstly we have to make sure that the cnc machining equipment must be advanced with high precision. Of course the good machines will cost much more than the common ones, and not all workshops would like to invest much money before they received orders. So the founder’s Strategic Vision is very important, only when they deliver excellent quality parts they will win more and better projects, right? For my company, from the very beginning, the founder bought the best domestic cnc milling and cnc turning machines at that time and one Japanese customer was quite satisfied with the quality. Actually, they also bought from local but the cost was too high, while our pricing could keep them competitive on the market. To make sure they found the right supplier, they tested a few more orders here and it turned out that they were quite excited about the partner they were working with, yes they like the founder’s business philosophy. Then you can guess what? They signed a big order here and paid upfront 100%, and our boss used that money to buy better machines from Japan with higher precision. This way they helped each other to make big achievements in their different industries. In the following years, we have been buying new machines to replace the old ones to make sure our machines can meet the demand from the top-end market.

The 2nd is about skills or people. In our company, both the cnc programmer and on-site operators are highly skilled,meanwhile, we are providing professional training to the new-comers to make sure the talents team wouldn’t fall apart.

Then it comes to the machine’s calibration. In my company, we’ll ask for the 3rd-party organization to do the calibration each year with the certification. Those top-500 companies we are working with will need the reports.below are those latest Thread Gauge Calibration certificate.

From Left to Right:  M3-6H, M4-6H, M2-6H, M5-6H, M6-6H, M8-6H

  • Stick to ISO Certification standard. ISO9001 helps to improve the management level and quality of the products or services of the enterprise, to provide adequate assurance and trust to customers,also the management level of the company, product quality, service awareness and professional skills, etc.
  • Besides, we were also certified with IATF16949:2016, it’s about the standard for AUTO Turbocharger. We have been making lots of auto turbine parts for BMW
  • Last but not the least, the complete inspection equipment is a good guarantee to win customers. In our company, we will submit inspection reports along with the shipping packages. right now we are equipped with CMM, Projector, hardness tester, roughness tester, height gauge, thread gauge, etc.  Below are the 2 reports:

What We Do during Our Daily Operation?

  • Full understanding of drawings and tolerances. as soon as the orders received here, the project manager should read the requirements clearly and meanwhile talking with the customers on parts functions before releasing drawings, and then inform the cnc operators the best ways to machine and what points should be paid attention.
  • 2ndly, Material Quality Check. materials visual checking and sizes measuring by IQC and we can provide material certificated if requested. and material reports can be provided if a request from the customer.
  • thirdly, first samples inspection and also IPQC (In-Process Quality Check) every two hours by various equipment and make reports for records.
  • Finally, Outgoing Quality Control- OQC. for small batches orders,100% inspection; big quantity 20% test at random. Only the products that pass the final inspection can be packed and shipped out. One more thing,if you find any quality problems after receiving the parts, we’ll replace them free of charges to make sure you don’t bear any risk at all.


Shanghai Jinxi has been concentrating on Metal and Plastics Fabrication over 14years, we can work on Rapid Prototyping, mass production CNC Machining, Aluminum Extrusion,and also finishing services. Write us email to get a Free Quote Now. sales@imachinepart.com


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