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What is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid prototyping is a process in which a small quantity of parts will be made before a bigger batch to produce. When we talk about rapid prototyping, what you would think of? 3d printing,like SLA,SLS? yes that’s the main choice for many companies. Actually if you want to find out the right type of prototyping, there are a few things to consider like its nature, where it’ll be used,and from what materials?

Yes that’s what we will talk about today, another type popular prototyping- “cnc machining”. 

Why Rapid Prototyping?

Many start-up companies will always come up with new ideas. To make sure the creative designs could gain approval among the potentionl customers,they need to check what the final part will look like,or to test its function before releasing production.

In these situations, the turnaround time is quite a key to their creative designs.Besides, the rapid prototyping will not only save the big manufacturing cost,but  it also enables the fast alterations in the early stage.

What advantages from Prototyping machining?

  1. Save time and money. As we explained above,the prototyping can greatly verify the feasibility before moving forward the mass production. They can adjust the designs within a short time if the real parts not work out as they expected.
  2. Strong materials: Compared to 3d printing, rapid prototyping via cnc machining can be used to test the mechanical function like durability. If the designs just need to check how it look like, 3d printing is a good choice,since the material selections are very limited from 3d printing,which can’t make the high-strength parts.especially the metal parts, it’s suitable to work out from cnc machining.
  3. Consistency: since the machining centers can work on both prototyping and mass production,the designs can understand well how the final product will act from prototyping.and it’s not always the same from 3d printing or other technologies.
  4. Easy design change: if there a design problem, the machined prototypewill show out easily. Then the designers can return to cad files to make quick changes. And they can compare the differences side by side to avoid the same problems for their next prototyping.
  5. Repeatability: Not like 3d printers, the 3d designs used there can’t be used on other production equipment like machining centers, molding equipment or anything else. While the prototype machining 3d files can be repeated on the same machine for mass production.

Any Disadvantages? Yes!

01. Cost More

Generally speaking, prototyping machining is more expensive than 3d printing.one reason is that machining centers require more human supervision than 3d printers,the other is that the cnc machining materials will cost more than 3d printing materials like PLA.

02. Waste Material

Not like 3d printing which is an additive process, CNC machining is a reductive process, it requires more material than the final product needed. Some of the material is cut away and ends up as metal or plastic chips, which must then be disposed of.

03. Geometrical restrictions

For those complex internal geometries, the sharp angles can’t be machined out by the restrictions of cutting tools. We may need to add Radius from the sharp angles to machine it out. While the addictive processing like 3d printing can make it done, whatever angles they require.

What to expect from Shanghai Jinxi?

  • Fast Delivery– time is money,especially for those start-up Technologies,so we’ll always put great attention on the turnaround time.and everything will be shipped out as promised.
  • High Precision– Our highly trained staff members can use the most advanced equipment to machine your parts with tolerance of 0.005mm.
  • Fantastic service – from your enquiry to the receiving of the parts, we’re doing our best to exceed your expectations on the whole procedure.

To conclude,Selecting the right materials is a key for rapid prototyping. With certain types of machining like CNC milling or cnc turning, we create prototypes promptly as fast as 1 day. Materials like plastics and metals can be used for CNC prototypes. CNC finishes are popular and cost effective for prototypes. Also if you want to make it better looking,we can add some extra finishes like anodizing,sandblasting,chrome plating,powder coating,etc. check here to see what surface finish can be provided.

CNC prototyping allows us to create designs in a very efficient way and bring them to life,except that we also offer mass production machining services to clients. Since our establishment, we have cooperated with many top500 corporations in the world from different industries,like Communications, Machines Fabrication, Aerospace, Medical, Electronics,etc. Whatever industry you are working on, you are welcome to provide your designs to have a prototype made fast here.

To find a trusted prototype machining supplier, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email sales@imachinepart.com or submitting your request on the contact form.We will never let you down!


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